Saturday, February 1, 2014

Banner Church

Hi there, it has been the longest time ever, I know. I have not made it a priority to blog and it has been like 3 months since I have done it so I am finally going to update you all on what I have been up to! First off, one thing I want to mention is that I have never been to church before since my family is not religious. However, one of my friends is a Christian and she goes to church on Sundays so I decided that I want to go with her and check it out. So on November 24th, we went to a church near YiZhong Street called Banner Church. This church is one of the biggest churches in Taiwan. We went to a smaller branch of this church since the main church is not as convenient for us to get to. I went with my housemate and my friend. The experience was interesting. There was a lot of singing, which I love other than the fact that it was in Chinese so I couldn't really sing along. I was expecting to meet some younger people at the church, but there were mainly older people. There was a nice lady who could speak really good English so once the speaker started, she helped translate for me the whole time. At the end of the session, we were asked to attend a protest in Taipei, but since we were already a bit uncomfortable by then, we decided to leave. The experience itself was nice, but I don't think I want to go back since I am not Christian so I feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes when there are some things that I don't believe in. My friend told me that this church compared to the ones in the states was a bit more forceful, but I wouldn't know since I have never been to any. However, I'm still glad I went.

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  1. Hi there. Thank you for your post. Do you remember what the protest was for that they wanted you to go to?