Monday, November 25, 2013

Sea of Flowers in Xinshe

Hi there! So this past Saturday, November 23, I went to an annual flower exhibition in Xinshe, Taichung. Every year, for 5 weekends, this beautiful flower exhibition is open to the public to let people experience and appreciate the beauty of agriculture. At this place there is a variety of flowers from lavender to orchids. There was also an exhibition of Chinese medicine herbs which was very interesting. Every year, there is at least one million visitors to this flower exhibition. I am very glad that I went.

I went with my housemate, Carolyn, and my advisor, Iris. We had to catch a local bus to a station where we took a free shuttle up to Xinshe. To my surprise, the weather that day was extremely hot and there was no shade so it was a very sunny and hot day. After walking around the exhibitions for about an hour, we went to eat at the food court where I had noodles, fish ball soup, and a piece of chicken. After lunch, we we headed back home which took us about an hour and a half total.

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